About Us

History has taught us that women who play it safe rarely reach style icon status. It’s the women who break the rules, stack their bangles high, and pile on the pearls who leave their mark. We want to be a part of that legacy.


We Strive To...

  • Build Relationships
  • Maintain Highly Quality Products
  • Stay Fashion Forward
  • Stand Out In The Market
  • Avoid Being Cookie Cutter




We Design For Women Who...


  • Love Fashion
  • Are Not Afraid To Be Their Own Individual
  • Want To Make A Statement
  • Command A Room
  • Controls Her Destiny



Our Jewelry Is...

  • High Quality
  • Statement Pieces
  • Contemporary / Fashion Forward
  • Colorful




Our Goals Are...


  • To be a valued brand of fashion jewelry that customers go to for quality accessories at great values that make them feel beautiful. 
  • To be a company that provides a work environment for our employees that makes them happy and feel valued as well as provides personal growth. 
  • To maintain our passion and continue to be happy with the work we love.