History has taught us that women who play it safe rarely reach style icon status. It’s the women who break the rules, stack their bangles high, and pile on the pearls who leave their mark. We want to be a part of that legacy.


How it Began

               It all started with Shawn and Jenny - a couple with an ambition to                   design fashion jewelry that’s fabulously made and fairly priced. The            name ZENZII is derived from the word “zen”, that emphasizes our core          values of finding harmony and balance in all that we do. And with this,              the company made a promise to balance its luxurious designs with                 attainable price points. ZENZII has always been known for making a                 statement in the industry with its unmistakably bold colors and                          signature premium-grade resin. Instead of following trends,                   Shawn and Jenny chose to pursue a path that was left untouched.



                                          The ZENZII Woman

 Although our headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia - our jewelry         still adorns women all around the world. We’re all about the ZENZII       woman. She loves fashion, isn’t afraid to stand out, commands a room,          and knows how to make a statement.  With every design we make,                     we always take her and all of her life’s events into consideration.               And while our styles are luxurious, we make sure everyone gets the     chance to feel fabulous with our attainable prices.



   Building a Fashionable Future

               Our diverse and dedicated team of customer care and design                   professionals all share the same passion for jewelry. With this, we are           able to complement the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world.                  Our team is always forecasting trends and constantly seeking new                    materials and designs. We want to make the world a more            fashionable place - one statement jewelry piece at a time.